Uniform information

Please read below before visiting Ideal, either online or in person, so that you are equipped to have the best experience. As always, let us know if there are any difficulties.

Announcement: Our uniform policy for the 21-22 school year is below. More details on where to purchase uniforms are to the side underneath where it says "Uniform Vendors."

Uniform policy

  • White oxford button down shirt (long-sleeve or short-sleeve) - no more burgundy

  • Optional: navy-blue sweater (cardigan, sweater vest, or v-neck long-sleeve pullover)


  • Grey pants or skirts (no denim, skirts should be knee-length or longer)

  • Black or brown belt (required)

  • Solid socks or navy-blue tights


  • Black sneakers (all black or brown only: no stripes, patterns, designs or colored laces)

  • Black dress shoes (during inclement weather such as snow or rain, students may wear boots but must change into their uniform shoes upon arrival and store boots in their locker)

Gym Uniform

Worn on days scholars have physical education or dance

  • White t-shirt or sweatshirt with new Ascend logo

  • Grey sweatpants with new Ascend logo

  • Solid black sneakers

Uniform vendors

BVMS partners with Ideal and Land's End for school uniforms. 

Both stores sells all uniform pieces: families can purchase both P.E. and every day uniform pieces from Ideal. Ideal's online store does not display all items.

Any family having difficulty with uniform vendors should reach out directly to Mr. Brown with feedback: 


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